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Resume is Important?
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Aug 06, 2022
12:38 AM
Say you want to work for me. You don't know me - all you know is that I advertise a position that interests you. If you call me for a position, I will ask you to send me a resume. If you come to meet me in person, I will ask you to produce your resume writing services UK. But I probably won't be on the phone with you for a long time, nor will I arrange to meet you. Not that I'm an asshole - it's that I have work to do, and if I'm expecting 15 or 30 applicants to apply for a job, I just don't have time to talk to everyone or meet applicants. I need a way to screen applicants so I don't waste time talking to or meeting people who don't have the chance to get a job.
What's more, many employers won't even let you go out unless you've already submitted your resume. At my previous employer, everything was done online and if you didn’t submit a resume then your application was bounced before it was ever seen by human eyes.

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