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Few Free Tools Used By Students
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May 16, 2022
6:04 AM

Hi, I am Alley John an educator.

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Few Free Tools Used By Students

Online tools are used by students whenever they work on projects, assignments, thesis or essays. These online tools help them in different ways. From the topic generator to reference generator. Every tool is available on the internet to make their work look good and sharp. However, the fact is that students cannot keep each and everything in mind while working. And if they even end up doing all things on their own, they will not be able to give their 100% in everything.

That will affect the whole quality of the work. For that reason, they use online tools. With the help of online tools, they can work efficiently. Let's discuss several tools which students use. Check also - Alphabetizer tool

  • Title generator- Titles are important in any kind of work. Titles attract the attention of a reader. That is the reason your title has to be good. If the title is not good enough, no matter how well researched or well written your work is, no one will read it.

When students cannot develop an attractive and nice title, they use a title generator. This tool will help you deliver the title, ideal for your work.

  • Reference generator- Whenever students take information or line from someone else's work at that point, they have to cite that particular source. They need to attach the full source in the said referencing style in the reference list.

Students do not know all the referencing styles, and thus they use reference generators. They have to paste the URL of the source and click on cite. The tool will do the needful for them. From IEEE referencing generator to Harvard referencing, everything can be done.

Few reference generators are there which do not cite oxford referencing. Therefore, if you need your references done in Oxford style, you need to first search for the right tool.

  • Plagiarism checker tool- While writing, students write too fast, so they cannot paraphrase and write a few times. Due to this reason, the plagiarism checker tool in their work gets increased very much.

Too much plagiarism in work does affect the quality of work. So, before submitting the final work, they use a plagiarism checker. Using this tool, they can check the plagiarism percentage in their work. With the help of this tool, they can also know in what part they need to make the changes to increase plagiarism.


These are the few tools used by the majority of the students while working on assignments or projects. All these tools are available online for free and can be accessed 24*7.

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