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Sep 27, 2021
9:00 PM

Fam Printing combine cutting edge technologies and Italian quality to represent new standards in industrial inkjet marking. Our mission is to be an exceptional supplier of equipment and servicesfor marking products and printing solutions to build strong partnerships and provide clients with reliable solutions, striving for excellence on global market. CIJ Inkjet Printer is still one of the most significant advantages: they can label or code nearly any material at almost any speed or orientation. a fast constant spray of tin droplets. Since the Printer’s nozzle never comes into touch with the substratum material, CIJ printers may usually utilise concise, clear marks, even in bizarre, flexible, or uneven items. The high density of ink ejection is better than most other printers can be marked and coded as substrates. CIJ printers are quick and durable to the constant production line requirements.
Contact for know more andd visit ( Our Experts will always ready to assist if you have any query.

Robert Jack
Oct 08, 2021
11:48 PM

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