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Sep 01, 2021
12:57 AM

Breitling Top Time Classic Cars Capsule

Breitling launches Top Time Classic Cars Capsule Collection to celebrate three legendary sports cars

Breitling celebrates American car culture with the Top Time Classic Cars Capsule series. To this end, the Swiss company introduced three chronographs, each inspired by classic racing cars from the 1960s. They have eye-catching dials designed to capture the freedom and joy of life exuded by historical vehicles. Last but not least, they bear the logo of a matching car. These watches are available now on leather straps with a racing appearance.

The three symbols of American car culture

Breitling focused on three iconic racing cars. The first is the Shelby Cobra, which is a sports car that combines British chassis design and American engine. Then there is the Ford Mustang. Porsche is to the Germans, this car may be to the Americans. This car combines compact size and sportiness, attracting rock stars and movie stars as well as families. Finally, Breitling focused on the second-generation Chevrolet Corvette, also known as the "Stingray." Due to its stylish styling, the model still enjoys great success today. replica Breitling Watches

However, Breitling also hopes to celebrate the car culture itself with three chronographs. Breitling CEO Georges Kern doesn’t care about adrenaline: “The important thing is the journey, not the speed. This applies to repairs under the hood as well as Sunday outings, where these beautiful vehicles are met. Some celebration." The manufacturer emphasized the freedom and joy of life conveyed by these cars.

This is exactly the emotion that watchmakers want to capture in the design of the three Top Time Classic Cars chronographs. As a starting point, they chose the Breitling Top Time watch from the 1960s, which was designed for "young and active professionals". Now, in 2021, they present themselves in a modern retro style, with dial colors inspired by the typical paints of cars.

Breitling Top Time Shelby Cobra

Carol Shelby is an American race car driver and sports car manufacturer. In the 1960s, he dreamed of building a car that combined British chassis design with American racing technology. The result is the Shelby Cobra, which combines a small and light chassis with a powerful American big-cylinder engine. When this car was launched in 1962, it was an immediate success, and it continues to this day. The unique blue paint with white racing stripes is the inspiration for the Breitling Top Time Shelby Cobra Wholesale replica watches.

The Breitling Top Time Shelby Cobra watch uses a 40 x 13.3 mm stainless steel case with angular lugs. The surface is heavily polished and flows into a very narrow bezel. In addition, there are two retro-style buttons above and below the unscrewed crown. The latter is equipped with two seals, so the waterproof depth can reach 100 meters. At the same time, on the back, the screw-in back is engraved with the Cobra logo.

The blue dial with white contrast is reminiscent of the famous paint job on Shelby Cobra. At 12 o'clock is the vintage version of Breitling. The Swiss also placed a cobra logo at 6 o'clock. The outer white tachometer scale can be used to measure the speed of objects, such as racing cars. The totalizer at 9 o'clock can count up to 30 minutes. On the opposite side, there is a small second at 3 o'clock. Finally, Top Time Shelby Cobra uses Super-LumiNova coated hour and minute hands and hour markers to indicate the time.

Inside the watch is equipped with Breitling Calibre 41, which is automatically wound and has a power reserve of 42 hours. Last but not least, the movement has been certified by the COSC Observatory. The top time Shelby Cobra appeared as part of the top time classic car capsule collection of Breitling. The manufacturer displayed it on a racing-style brown calfskin strap with a folding replica watches brands

Breitling Top Time Ford Mustang

Breitling also took this opportunity to focus on the first-generation Ford Mustang. This model was produced from 1964 to 1969 and received great enthusiasm for its compact size, sportiness and affordable price. However, it is mainly rock stars and movie stars that have helped Mustang achieve incredible success. This car appeared in popular movies at the time, so it left its mark on an entire generation. In fact, to this day, Ford still produces sports cars that proudly bear the horse logo.

The Breitling Top Time Ford Mustang has a slightly larger 42 x 13.64 mm stainless steel case. However, apart from the size, it has the same features and polished surface. On the back is the image of the Mustang logo. In addition, Breitling also marked the edge of the 100-meter waterproof performance and the observatory certificate.

The dark green dial of Top Time Mustang has three contrasting black counters and a black tachymeter scale. First, there is a 15-minute accumulator at 9 o'clock. Then, at 6 o'clock, the timing starts. Breitling also set a small second at 3 o'clock. Conveniently, the pointers of both accumulators have a colored pointer so that it is immediately clear that they refer to a chronograph. Last but not least, two hands with luminous material indicate the time from the center. Breitling also uses vintage lettering on this watch. The manufacturer also placed a Mustang logo under it.Jacob and co astronomia dragon

Breitling equipped the Top Time Ford Mustang with a Breitling 25 movement. The movement provides two-way automatic winding and a maximum power reserve of 42 hours. It also carries the COSC Observatory certificate. Breitling paired this watch with a brown racing-style leather strap. It also has a folding clasp.

Breitling top time Chevrolet Corvette

The Breitling Top Time Chevrolet Corvette inherited the second-generation Corvette sold by Chevrolet between 1963 and 1967. This sports car, dubbed "Stingray" by enthusiasts, dates back to a prototype in 1959. With its streamlined shape and low profile, this car still delights fans today. Breitling chose Corvette coated with distinctive red paint as the inspiration for this watch.

The Breitling Top Time Chevrolet Corvette has the same case as the Top Time Ford Mustang. It has a diameter of 42 mm and is made of stainless steel. It also includes two buttons and an unscrewed crown. However, on the back, there is an image of the Corvette logo. At the same time, the waterproof performance of 100 meters is the same as other versions.

On the rich red dial, Breitling contrasts sharply with three embedded black counters and tachymeter scales. Here, the watchmaker also chose the 15-minute and 6-hour counters and the small seconds counter. The Breitling lettering and Corvette logo also stand out on the dial. At the same time, the model name is located to the south of the center pointer.

The manufacturer also uses the Breitling 25 movement in the Top Time Chevrolet Corvette, which provides double-sided automatic winding and a 42-hour power reserve. Of course, this Top Time also has an observatory certificate. This watch uses a racing-style black calfskin strap. This strap also has a folding clasp.replica Harry Winston Ocean watches



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Top time Chevrolet Corvette

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