Custom Pelican Case Foam Insert

August 24, 2013 @ 8:05 PM

How to make your own custom great Pelican (or similar) case foam insert easily.

So you have a Pelican case that came with the pluck and pull foam and you customized it for your camera gear.  It's all great at the start but what happens if you add more gear and make changes?  You can go buy another blank foam set for about $35+ dollars and start over.  Do this a few times and it becomes expensive.  You could go get the padded divider set but I feel that it's not as good looking as using foam inserts. - Victor

Custom Pelican Case Foam Insert

What I don't like about the pluck and pull foam that comes with the Pelican case is that once you pull the mini square columns out, the inside walls are not smooth looking.  Also, you can only ...

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