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August 24, 2013 @ 9:05 PM

How to make your own custom great Pelican (or similar) case foam insert easily!

So you have a Pelican case that came with the pluck and pull foam and you customized it for your camera gear.  It's all great at the start but what happens if you add more gear and make changes?  You can go buy another blank foam set for about $35+ dollars and start over.  Do this a few times and it becomes expensive.  You could go get the padded divider set but I feel that it's not as good looking as using foam inserts. - Victor

Custom Pelican Case Foam Insert

What I don't like about the pluck and pull foam that comes with the Pelican case is that once you pull the mini square columns out, the inside walls are not smooth looking.  Also, you can only ...

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April 24, 2013 @ 12:30 PM

This HID flashlight produces 3800 lumens of light output.  Will burn paper if placed in front of the flashlight.


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July 27, 2011 @ 10:16 AM

If you ever had problems with your TV remote, you probally would want to read this tech tip.  How do you tell if your remote is working or there's something else wrong?  Is the battery dead or is the TV remote sensor broken?

The quickest way to see if the remote is working is to get any camera or video camera and look at the screen when you press a button on the remote.  If you see a bright purplish light shining, then the remote is working and transmitting the infrared light. 

In the picture below, you can see one of the LEDs shining bright when a button on the remote is pressed.  Normally the human eye can not see it but the sensor on any camera can see it very clearly.


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July 26, 2011 @ 3:34 PM

The Internet elders have lent me the Internet for safe keeping.  I've kept it under lock and key except on this rare occasion to take a photograph.  I'll be returning it in a few weeks where it can be kept in a safe undisclosed location.

It's a wonder that the whole internet originates from this little black box.  Image if this box was damaged and there was no more "internet".  The world would be in chaos.


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